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Bigfoot Pumping and Thawing, Inc. -- Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing

For all your septic maintenance and repair needs.
Physical Address:
2609 South Goldenrod Circle
North Pole, AK 99705

Mailing Address:
PO Box 57353
North Pole, AK 99705

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Saturday:
9am to 5pm

24 Hour Emergency Service Available at Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing!
Primary Contact: Dhana Krause

Phone: 907-488-9855
Fax: 907-488-8305
Out of Town: 800-478-9855



Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing is Alaska’s trusted name in septic services and line thawing. For over 25 years, Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing has worked hard to establish a name for offering high quality, reliable septic service, along with excellent customer care, to people anywhere in the interior of Alaska. At Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing, we offer a complete line of services, including septic tank pumping and cleaning, video inspection, snaking, jetting, water line thawing, and many others.

Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing has an extensive line of services & equipment to help properly maintain & troubleshoot problems with your system if they occur.

Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing’s large fleet of trucks & equipment makes Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing the premier company to contact for a routine pumping or any system problems. Our capabilities extend beyond just an annual pumping &/or inspection.

We have the capability to assess, repair & maintain your septic system should any issue arise. Whether it is a routine pumping, jet power washing, septic repair or replacement Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing has all the equipment & tools & experience to assure you are getting the best service possible.

Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing is a family owned business that honors the traditions of good business:


Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing can handle a wide range of septic jobs. Some of the services Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing has to offer include:

•Septic Tanks – Pumped & Cleaned
•Sewer Line Inspection by Video
•Sewer Line Cleaning
•Lift Stations Cleaned & Repaired
•Water Lines Thawed
•Plumbing Repairs
•Certified Sewer System

We strongly believe that each and every customer is important, and deserves only the best from us. Give Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing a call today.

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