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Duszynski & Associates Inc -- Terry Duszynski

Improve Comfort • Increase Durability • Save Money
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P.O. Box 83149
Fairbanks, AK 99708-3149

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Duszynski & Associates has what it takes to help you save energy and money! Call us today to see how we can help you!
Primary Contact: Terry Duszynski

Phone: 907-479-3324

Website: duszynskiandassociates.com/#!home

Email: tduszy907@gmail.com
AK Energy Rater #: 26

Duszynski & Associates services are better than free! After a nice return on your investment, you will continue to make and save money from the testing and improvements made to your house as long as you live in your home.

Our certified home energy raters at Duszynski & Associates run scientific tests to find the weaknesses and leaks in your home’s structure. The results of these tests are evaluated, and a systematic, cost-efficient solution is proposed to solve your energy weaknesses.

Getting an energy rating through Duszynski & Associates is the most practical idea for maximizing your savings while reducing energy costs.

Now is the time to resolve the problem of high energy costs coupled with home energy losses. Call Duszynski & Associates today for cost effective energy efficient housing.

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Duszynski & Associates Inc -- Terry Duszynski serves Fairbanks and Alaska in the following areas of business:
  • Home Inspection Service: Alaska may provide Home Inspection Service and radon testing services, carbon monoxide testing services, water analysis services, home inspector, carbon monoxide testing services, lead testing services, indoor air quality testing services, asbestos testing services, mold testing, inspections, services, blower door services, purchase a home
  • Inspection Services: Alaska may provide Inspection Services and food safety services, animal health inspection services, plant health inspection services, home safety inspection services, materials testing services, geotechnical engineering services, construction materials, soils testing services, concrete testing services, masonry testing services, asphalt testing services, hot mix testing services, legal support, inspections
  • Energy Raters: Alaska may provide Energy Raters and energy ratings, ahfc, energy rebates programs, energy ratings programs, five star energy rating, weatherization, blower doors testings