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Juneau Courier Inc

We'll Keep Your Business Costs Down
Physical Address:
10155 Jensine Steet
Juneau, AK 99801

Hours of Operation:
Juneau Courier Inc offers a professional and courteous staff to meet your delivery needs.

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Primary Contact: Christy Paquette

Phone: 907-780-6447

Email: christycourier@msn.com

Juneau Courier currently provides messenger and trucking services for Juneau’s leading institutions in the paper industry, printing industry, medical, cargo industry, social, industry and many more each having their own daily delivery schedules with time specific requirements.

Through this experience, Juneau Courier has the depth of management experience that will be instrumental in the success of each specific delivery challenge given to them, by you the customer.

Mission Statement
Juneau Courier will be regarded as a cost effective, reliable partner in the package delivery industry.

Juneau Courier will provide innovative solutions for our customers which in turn, will provide a competitive edge in that industry.

Our commitment to adhere to such a high level of customer satisfaction allows Juneau Courier to supersede the competition.

To create long lasting, beneficial partnerships with our customers is our primary goal.

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Juneau Courier Inc serves Juneau and Alaska in the following areas of business:
  • Courier Service: Alaska may provide Courier Service and delivery services, messenger services, overnight services, medical courier services, legal courier services, court courier services, packages, specimen courier services, research courier services, Legal Support services, medical support services
  • Delivery Service: Alaska may provide Delivery Service and couriers services, delivery services, messengers services, overnight services, medical couriers services, legal services, courts services, packages services, specimens services, research services
  • Expediters: Alaska may provide Expediters and delivery services, courier services, messenger services, on demand services