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Taku Enterprises (GreatStudyBibles.com)

Quality Bibles in all formats
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PO Box 241342
Anchorage, AK 99524

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GreatStudyBibles.com offers you 24 hour online sales.
Owner: Andrew Grozier

Phone: 907-250-8250

Website: www.greatstudybibles.com

Email: taku@acsalaska.net

GreatStudyBibles.com has been established with the Bible Student in mind.

At GreatStudyBibles.com we realize that many bible students mark our bibles for fast and easy references. It is very flustering to spend years marking a bible only to have it fall apart, or to discover another bible that’s more suited to our needs. Then we start the marking process all over again. It is so much better to start with a well constructed bible. And with a bible that has all the features that you like.

We are committed to providing you with one location to get all of your bible study aids. Study Bibles, Annotated Bibles, Dictionaries, Concordances, Lexicons, and Maps for visial aid. Our printed bibles are of the highest quality craftsmanship. We offer Bibles in Audio, Digital, Software, and on DVD’s.

GreatStudyBibles.com offers a selection of Spanish Bibles for our brethren, who prefer to study God’s word in Spanish.

We also have Bibles in international languages .

GreatStudyBibles.com has included bibles for our young readers. And many learning aids to capture their interest. Digital Bibles, Audio and DVD’s.

Our bibles make great gifts, Bringing the word of God to your loved ones.

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Numbers 6: 24-26

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